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GLS Bulbs or (General Lamp Shade) is the common term for the pear-shaped incandescent bulbs that have been the most popular bulb design for decades. The GLS range from MR LED is manufactured from the latest LED technology and components to ensure superior light output and to offer excellent energy savings when compared to halogen or incandescent equivalent products. The old incandescent GLS bulbs are due to be banned thanks to their power wasting capabilities.

With the rise of energy saving bulbs & LED bulbs the GLS shape has become a favourite for people wanting the newest technology, without leaving behind a timeless style. MR LED A60 bulb retro-fits existing incandescent E27 and B22 bulb fittings with ease.

GLS bulbs are typically used in residential areas such as hallways or landings and in commercial environments such as entrances and storage rooms. Available in B22 & E27 fittings, these bulbs are perfect for living rooms & bedrooms. Thanks to cutting edge LED technology, replacing your existing incandescent bulbs with their LED equivalents is a great way to start saving money on your energy bills. Also available are dusk-to-dawn auto-sensor versions that are ideal for "night light" areas such as external porches and walkways.

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